Welcome to DollarPolicy.com

Welcome to dollarpolicy.com

We want to help you develop and implement your own dollarpolicy to grow your income, give generously, spend wisely, and ultimately build wealth.  Although the focus is personal finance, Dollarpolicy.com is not just another personal finance website.  We want to help you become better informed and knowledgeable about governmental policies, especially those policies that affect your dollars.

Many people never intentionally develop or implement a dollarpolicy or a personal finance strategy.  These people wander through life living paycheck to paycheck, wondering where their money went and looking to the government for assistance or believing that winning the lottery is the only way to become wealthy.  There is nothing inherently wrong with playing the lottery for entertainment or the government providing a backstop for those nearing poverty.  This reliance on government is unfortunate because the lottery is certainly not the best path to prosperity and many governmental assistance programs are unsustainably funded and breed dependency.  Nonetheless, there are many things that these people get right in life – like understanding the value of hard work.  However, not having a policy is, in fact, a policy. And an intentional course of action to spend less and save more, key themes of Dollarpolicy.com, could help these people escape this vicious cycle and build wealth on a much sustainable and widespread rate.

Similarly, many people do not think critically about governmental policy or they passively support their favorite party’s candidate without really considering the effect of such candidate’s (and parties’) policy positions.  It seems that a large faction simply votes for the candidate that “looks good” or who would be more fun to drink a beer with.  Many people cannot describe the difference between federal, state, and local government…much less Medicare and Medicaid.  Ultimately, a basic understanding of governmental policies is critically important for the sustainability and growth of our country.  We need more reasoned policy discourse among voters.

In addition to helping people escape debt and build wealth, Dollarpolicy.com will provide a balanced, reasonable, moderate, and fair analysis and commentary of government policies related to personal finance and beyond.  We hope to facilitate open discussion about dollarpolicies without the toxic environment of the political world.

Think about it…our government has many dollarpolicies throughout the tax code and beyond.  For example, the government enacts policies intended to promote affordable housing, college education, healthcare, and retirement savings.  Many governmental policies are intended for good but are unsustainable, executed poorly, disincentive personal responsibility and work, and result in unintended consequences.

Ultimately, the goal of Dollarpolicy.com is to help individuals build wealth and become more informed voters.  Whether you are just starting out or whether you have a healthy income and/or a high net worth and no matter your prior understanding of governmental tax policy, for example,  you will find valuable information and motivation here to reach the next step in your journey to build wealth and become a better, more informed voter.