Fight against Overspending and Overeating

Overspending is the default. Over-eating is natural.

Aggressively fight against overeating and overspending

You cannot outearn overspending. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Steps to reduce spending –

1. Track your spending – I use YNAB to create an online envelope system and only spend dollars that I have.
2. Say No – You cannot do everything – you must chose what matters most.
3. Eat at home – This requires planning and following step 2.
4. Give yourself grace and keep working. – You will fail at times – it’s best to acknowledge it and recommit to your plan.

Steps to avoid overeating.

1. Track your calories
2. Say No
3. Eat at home.
4. Give yourself grace and keep working

Controlling overeating and overspending requires the same discipline.

It’s a lifestyle – not a diet. You will always need to watch what you eat or watch what you spend. Get over it. It’s life.

Failure is normal but not permanent – you can always get back up and keep trying. You must regain control – giving up is not an option.

If you keep trying it gets a bit easier. You will learn your keys to avoid overspending – perhaps it’s not going to the places you typically spend or slowing down during meals and avoiding eating at certain times of the day.

The similarities between overeating and overspending are striking. To win, requires rejecting passivity, taking responsibility, and planning. You cannot wander through and achieve your goals. You must maintain the margin or mind the gap between your income and spending and your calorie intake and your calories burned. If you consistently spend more than you earn – you will never get ahead. If you consistently take in more calories than you burn – you’ll gain weight.

Ultimately, life will be much harder fat and in debt – so chose wisely.

Skinny and with financial margin or…overweight and out of money?

Fight overeating and overspending!